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100% Natural Lavender and Ylang Ylang Massage Oil – 150ml

Price: $12.990000 | Brand: Four Seasons Condoms
This 100% Natural Massage Oil is Infused with Ylang Ylang and Lavender. The scent is not overwhelming but subtle enough to provide a delicate pleasing aroma. Relaxing and exotic you will be transported to another place every time you use it. Pretend you are at a health resort. You could pretend you are your partner’s masseur and then seduce her. Have fun with this sexy oil. This Massage Oil is Diverse in It’s Use! Whether you are looking at giving your partner a relaxing, calming massage to melt away their stress or making it into a more sensual experience this is the oil for you. Perhaps you could start with a relaxing massage after your partner has had a stressful day at work and once they start moaning with pleasure it could turn into a lot more. This Oil is of Perfect Consistency. A little goes a long way. The oil glides smoothly on to the skin, gliding sensually on to every surface. You could warm it up, use music and candles to create the sense of a real massage palour. On a nice day you could set your massage up outside to further mimic an exotic location. Coconut or vanilla candles, relaxing music let your imagination go wild.Gorgeously scented massage oil, transport you and your partner to an exotic location. Whether you use this for relaxation, a sexual warm-up or both; it is up to you. This oil will glide off your hands onto your partner’s skin and smells amazing. You will not be disappointed and the end result will be worth the effort you put in. She will be groaning for more! Beautifully smelling massage oil Natural product Multi-functional Good consistency

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