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4M Endurance Stroker

Price: $19.990000 | Brand: Topco Sex Toys USA
Last longer than ever with the 4M Endurance Stroker, made with extra tight, unique interior that feels just like the real thing. The soft and flexible sleeve makes it perfect for practicing new moves or enhancing your performance all while providing realistic and incredible pleasure. Train for Longer, Stronger Performance with the Endurance Stroker, the extra tight sleeve gives intense stroke sessions to peak your pleasure Extra Tight and Texturised for a Strong Finish makes each training finish with orgasmic relief. Use a water based lubricant for maximum feel and wash after use for longevity.  Get Better in Bed and Build Stamina, before you know it you will be taking your partner to the next level. With endurance this exciting, its no wonder the 4M Endurance Stroker is made for those serious about training for longer and stronger performance. With a ultra tight sleeve and unique interior texture, this stroker is a beast of intense sessions made to blow your mind.  Train for Longer, Stronger Performance  Extra Tight and Texturised for a Strong Finish Get Better in Bed and Build Stamina   

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