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Adam & Eve Glass Ben Wa Balls

Price: $19.990000 | Brand: Adam & Eve
Just insert these elegantly, hand-blown glass pleasure balls into your vagina and stay stimulated all day long! Crafted with Delicate Handmade flowers embedded in the smooth glass spheres these balls are definitely a gorgeous edition to your sex toy kit. They are specifically designed to exercise your vaginal muscles, resulting in you having greater control during sex and more powerful orgasms. They are so discreet; no one will ever know you’re wearing them. When you Introduce these Beautiful Ben Wa Balls into your life, you will experience intense natural pleasure. That’s because when you insert these gorgeous glass Ben Wa Balls into your vagina, each weighted ball rolls and moves with you to give you a phenomenal internal massage. These Balls have been Created with Long-Lasting Quality Borosilicate Glass, so you can safely heat them up or cool them down. If you’re a Ben Wa ball beginner or you’re already a fan, you’ll love exploring the hot and cold possibilities. Squeeze your Kegel Muscles around these beautiful love balls and you will melt into a puddle of orgasmic delight! With every step, these gorgeous glass love balls move gently inside you, working your muscles and giving your pussy an incredible inner massage. If you Want to Have Great Sex, keep your genitals fit and toned and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles around these balls. Regular use of these glass balls will make your vagina feel tighter (for him) and increase sexual sensations (for you). By using these balls on a daily basis the wearer will improve the strength of her pelvic floor muscles which will increase pleasure and intensified sensations during sex. The 2 wonderfully smooth glass spheres are easy to insert and increase internal muscle strength.Elegant hand blown smooth glass Ben Wa balls are manageably weighted and will help strengthen your vaginal muscles, resulting in more powerful orgasms. These delightful glass balls can be carefully heated or cooled to enhance the pleasure of use. The use of Ben Wa balls are an ancient erotic tradition backed up by modern science – when held inside the vagina, they strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, allowing for intensely powerful orgasms and a tighter feel. These are also a lot of fun to use; the balls also feature gorgeous hand-blown designs for an added sophisticated touch. • Made from beautifully hand blown glass • Weighted balls roll and move with you naturally • Can be heated or cooled for new sensations • Increases muscle control • Can assists with stronger orgasms

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