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Adam & Eve True Feel Extension

Price: $35.990000 | Brand: Adam & Eve
What some extra length that still looks like it’s a part of you then the Adam & Eve True Feel Extension is what you’re looking for. True Feel Penis Extender is a flesh colour realistic looking extender with veins all over the shaft just like your cock and is soft enough to enjoy with some firmness and the head has the firmness that you really want in another cock when ploughing deep inside of someone. You slide the sleeve on and the you get the stretchy ball strap and snap this onto your balls to make sure it keeps in the right place the whole time. Stretchy TPE Rubber makes for a completely comfortable experience and assists with the stretchiness in popping it onto your cock. Using water based lube assists with putting it on and having a ball when playing. Adam & Eve True Feel Extension is a life like extra to slide onto your cock for added fun. True Feel Penis Extender Stretchy TPE Rubber

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