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Anal Fantasy – Beginner’s Bead Kit

Price: $24.490000 | Brand: Pipedream
Pipedream have bought out a fantastic range of anal toys for everyone from the beginner to the more advanced. The anal fantasy collection really does have something for anyone who is looking at anal play for the first time or if you are adding to your collection. Perfect for the novice the beginner’s bead kit a great way to start of nice and slow with anal sex. You have to take anal sex very slow and easy especially for the first time. You have to make sure you are relaxed and feel comfortable and most importantly to use lube. Lube is your best friend when it comes to anal play. The beginner beads have 3 rows in the set: No 1: Insertable length – 12.7cm and Diameter 2cm No 2: Insertable length – 24.7cm and Diameter 2.5cm (don’t insert the last bead of this row as you will need to use it for retrieval) No 3: Diameter 2cm As they are different sizes it is progression. Start off with the small beads and slowly work your way up to the next size then the larger sizes. Once you feel comfortable you can go to the next level with some anal trainers or you can do them at the same time. Use the beads one day and a small trainer the next time. This will get you to the level you want a little quicker. With beads you lube them up and you slowly insert each bead into your bum, one after the other whilst you are comfortable and until they are all in. Then it is up to you what you do next. Suggestions are to continue with some form of play, be it masturbation or sexual play with a partner and you will be feeling the beads inside of you. You can also slowly pull a bead or two out whilst in the middle of climax for that added sexual sensation. You can also wear them whilst you are out and about. A lot of people love the secret feeling of having them in whilst they go about their everyday activities, this is once you are completely comfortable with the beads inside of you. Retrieval is simply with all the beads as they have a retrieval cord you simply pull on and the beads will come out one after the other. You can also help with your muscles by popping them out once you are a little more advanced. Remember not to use insert all the beads on number 2, leave the last one out for retrieval purposes. With all toys especially with anal toys it is always best to wash after each use. Simply use water and toy cleaner and to keep your toys in a dust free and dry area like a toy bag. It is ideal if you use a douche prior to any anal fun. This will provide you and your partner the most hygienic and pleasant experience. Included in this kit is a free prep kit which will get you started, and the beads are Phthalate Free. Please note: Free items included may differ than listed on the box as per manufacturer changes.Simply a great Beginner’s Bead Kit for anyone interested in starting anal play.

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