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Anal Fantasy – Deluxe Vibro Balls

Price: $26.990000 | Brand: Pipedream
Once you have got the hang of anal beads you might like to step it up another level with the anal fantasy deluxe vibro balls. These wonderful balls provide vibration without a vibrator. How is this possible you may ask? The deluxe vibro balls are weighted balls and will vibrate with every movement you make providing you with an incredible stimulating sensation that will travel all through your body. How to use them is simple, put a little bit of lube on each of the balls and slowly insert them one after the other, leaving the retrieval cord to use when you want to take them out. You can wear them anywhere at any time and no-one will know as they are silent pleasure balls. The only way anyone would be the wiser is if you let out a screech of pleasure and they may wonder why. They are 3.2cm in diameter and they have a decent amount of weight in them as well. The combined weight for all four is around .160gms, imagine that just jiggling around inside you. It is also pleasurable to use whilst having sexual play. Insert them in and masturbate or have sex and when you are about to orgasm pull them out and this can provide an intense climax. Remember to always use lube when playing with anal toys and clean all toys after each use and pipedream have included a small kit to help you play with finger sleeves to massage and stimulate the anus, anal desensitizing cream, lube and cleaner.  Add some more fun to your anal play with the deluxe vibro balls. Feel the internal vibration of the weighted balls without having the issues of having batteries.

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