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Anal Fantasy Elite – Vibrating Ass Fucker

Price: $109.990000 | Brand: Pipedream
Grab your lube and get ready for some bum action with the Anal Fantasy Elite – Vibrating Ass Fucker. Ass Fucker gotta love the name but gotta love what it does even more. This big one wilth a naturally responsive thrusting action which comes as it is spring loaded. The thrusting isn’t automatic it all comes down to how you grind your way onto the Ass Fucker. With the shaft length of 12.7cm and 3.6cm width you have a whole lot to play with. It has a decent looking head on it as well, nice and smooth just to get you started. 11 Vibration Levels of different patterns of ass fun. Press and go and go and thrust and pump your ass till this Ass Fucker does it’s job. Nasty Silicone Material oh yeah! Nasty as hell. You want a good material when it’s delving deep into your butt. Multiple Speeds so not only do you get the 11 vibration levels but you get the speeds to go with it. What kind are you, slow or high. USB Rechargeable to make sure you have the power in the vibe to really make sure you reserve the true ass fuck that you want. Suction Cup so you can play alone, stick it on the floor bend down and go. Stick it where-ever you want ass fuck away. Make sure you use a good water based lube for the best experience and clean it up after play time so that it’s ready for the next round.   NB: Please note the manufacturer has changed ‘what’s included’ in the box, instead of a prep kit you receive a a selection of sample lubricants. Anal Fantasy Elite – Vibrating Ass Fucker what an awesome name for a butt thrusting, anal humping vibrator. Ass Fucker 11 Vibration Levels Nasty Silicone Material Multiple Speeds USB Rechargeable Suction Cup

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