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Anal Fantasy – Small Silicone Plug

Price: $19.990000 | Brand: Pipedream
The anal fantasy collection has something for everyone in all stages of anal sex. Anal sex can be so pleasurable if done right as there are high concentration of nerve endings in the area all you have to do is stimulate them the right way and you are off. The keys to enjoyable anal sex are to make sure you are relaxed and ready and take it slow, you need your muscles to be relaxed beforehand otherwise anal sex can become quite uncomfortable and something you may not want to continue, which would be a shame. The silicone plugs all start off with a narrow neck and work the way up to the fullness of the plug and once you have your muscles tightly around the whole plug you have the flared based to keep it in place and for ease of removal or play. They have some softness but yet they are still firm to give you that fuller feeling and smooth to the touch and are made from ultra-hygienic silicone. Take it slow, relax and use lube always use lube. The worst experience in anal play comes from not using enough lube and not relaxing. You want to feel the pleasures of anal sex. You have to take it in stages from training to small then you can slowly increase the size and styles of plugs and beads available. Cleaning is easy with water and toy cleaner and anal fantasy has included a start up prep kit inside this toy, but it is always a good idea to keep plenty of toy cleaner available especially with anal toys. Store your toys away from other toys in a dry dust free area, preferably in its own toy bag or box. anal fantasy collection silicone plugs are available in: Small Medium Large XL

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