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Anal Trainer Kit

Price: $29.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
The Anal Trainer Kit is a perfect kit for any new comer to anal pleasure and fun also fun for the more advanced in anal play with the different sizes. Anal Training Kits are one of the best ways to ease yourself into an anal adventure. Whether you have only just started or have tried a plug or beads previously this training kit has something for everyone. 3 Different Sized Butt Plugs Included all of the plugs have a tapered tip for easy insertation and a tapered base for safety and for a comfortable fit. Let’s start with the small butt plug as this is where you will want to start. A nice easy beginning length of only 10cm in total and only 2.5 cm at it’s widest.   Next is the medium sized butt plug at 12cm ling and only a little over 3cm in the widest width. Now we get to the bigger boy and it’s 15cm and 4.5cm widest. Soft and Flexible which is exactly what you want when you are starting off. You don’t want anything to hard you need the softness for the comfort of anal pleasure.  The flexibility provides a bit of movement as well for that little extra. We highly recommend water based lube for anal fun as it will increase your pleasure.Anal Trainer Kit When you start to think about enjoying anal sex and pleasure it’s a great idea to check out an anal trainer kit. Anal Training Kit 3 Different Sized Butt Plugs Included Soft and Flexible

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