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Ansell Lifestyles Skyn Extra Lubricated Latex-Free Condoms – 10 Pack

Price: $19.990000 | Brand: Ansell
When it comes to safe sex, there’s little better than a condom to protect you both – but finding the right wrapper for your tackle can be a bit of a pain. Some are too tight, some are too dry, and some feel like you’ve stuck it into a party balloon. You need something that feels right for you. That’s where the SKYN range comes in. These Non-latex Condoms are Thin Yet Strong, leaving you secure with the knowledge that you’re as close as you can be to no condom at all while still protected by a barrier. In particular, this Extra Lubricated Variety is Designed to Pleasure You Both. Forget studs and ribs, a bit of lube is all you need to create great chemistry in bed. Each of the 10 condoms included in this pack has 40% more lube than your regular condom, perfect for making a smooth and sexy ride without feeling like you’re swimming in a sea of Vaseline! The lube is also formulated for these condoms, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the lube deteriorating the efficiency of these French letters. To top it all off, these pack a Nominal Width of 53mm. This is a roomy width for anyone with a bit of girth to their erection, so the condom is tight and secure without constricting your bits or prematurely ending your fun.  Feels like wearing nothing at all, with the comfort of extra lubrication that will heighten the pleasure for you both. Non-latex condoms 53mm nominal width 40% extra lubrication

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