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Apollo Curved Prostate Probe – Blue

Price: $13.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
The Apollo Curved Prostate Probe Shaped Ergonomically to fit extremely comfortably in your hand so that you can use it alone or play with a friend.  All you need is just one hand and you can easily adjust to get that perfect position for prostate pleasure. Kinky Style has the curves in all the right places. The P-Spot has a bit of a kink to get to so you need the shape of your toy to be just right so that it hits the right spot. The Apollo Curved Prostate Probe has that shape. Apollo Curved Prostate Probe is 10cm insertable and 2.2cm in width. It has a slight tapered tip just to start you off then it gets straight but curved into the thickness you desire. No need for a flared base with the handle acting as a base. The prostate probe won’t go any further that you want it to go as you have the control of the easy to hold grip handle. Lube is your best friend when playing with prostrate toys, use a little or use a lot whatever is the most comfortable and pleasurable experience for you. The Apollo Curved Prostate Probe is made from ABS Plastic so taking it in the shower or the bath is no problem. Relaxing after a hard day at work just became a lot more fun!    Apollo Curved Prostate Probe is suitable for the newbie or the regular player in anal enjoyment. Design for pleasure Curved to excite

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