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B-Vibe Anal Education Silicone Butt Plugs & Douche Set (7 Pce)

Price: $168.99 | Brand: B-Vibe

Discover the joys of anal play with this comprehensive education set.

The seven-piece set includes everything you need to prepare your body for anal sex with safety and fun!

The small silicone butt plug is designed to look and feel like a finger, making it perfect for first-timers.

Then progress to the medium vibrating silicone and ABS butt plug. Vibration helps your muscles relax and can be used to simulate her g-spot or his prostate.

For increased intensity, the large weighted silicone butt plug contains two balls for a sensual feeling of fullness.

The set also includes a lubricant launcher, anal enema for a deep clean, zipper travel bag and Complete Guide to Anal Play 50-page book, written by certified sex educators in an informative, gender inclusive way. Packed with colourful stylised graphics, there’s plenty for beginners and experienced players! 

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