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Basix 6.5 Inch Dong

Price: $17.490000 | Brand: Pipedream
When starting out it takes some experimenting to choose a dildo with the most personal appeal. If you are unsure what you’ll like or if you appreciate the natural qualities of a penis, a product that resembles the features of a standard penis is a good place to start. It’s just like the Real Thing. The key elements to consider when choosing a dildo are personal preferences for length, girth, texture and appearance. As many customers are familiar with these attributes of the penis, this is a great starting point for your first toy. The Basix 6.5in Dong has a total length of 6.5in (16.5cm) of which 14.5cm is insertable. The girth is a comfortable 3.5cm. Although penises vary widely, these dimension are similar to the average human penis and is likely to be familiar. The Basix dong is made from High Quality Rubber that provides lifelike texture and flexibility. Just like a penis, it also has a slight curve of the shaft to assist you in reaching the g-spot. This model has a simple flanged base to assist first time users to experiment with positioning and technique. The rubber used in this dildo is phthalate and latex-free for those who are sensitive to these materials. It is also Discrete and Versatile. In contrast to many vibrators, the dildo has a silent operation, doesn’t need batteries and is suitable for use in the bath or shower. Dildos can be used by men or women, to penetrate the anus or the vagina, and, when used with a condom, shared between partners. Dildos can be used to simulate fullness during masturbation or to enhance a sexual encounter. Contrary to common misconceptions, dildos are not just for singles and lesbian couples. Some men enjoy watching their partner from a closer vantage point. This can be achieved while using their own penis or providing simultaneous oral pleasure and penetration. The use of dildos can also prolong penetrative sex by reducing fatigue. For those who do not, or desire to, have access to a male partner, the Basix 6.5inch Dong can be a complete penis substitute. The Basix 6.5inch Dong is a great starter dildo because it resembles the length, girth, texture and physical appearance of a human penis. Used with adequate lubricant, the transition from penis to dildo (and back again, if desired) will be a smooth one. When shopping for your first dildo, we also recommend investing in a high quality lubricant, appropriate cleaning solution and/or condoms. Those with a phthalate or latex sensitivity will need to consider the suitability of these products individually to reduce the likelihood of any discomfort.Modelled on the standard penis in texture, appearance and size, this dong provides a smooth transition from penis to dildo (or vice versa). A great starter dildo: 16.5cm (14.5 insertable) with a 3.5cm girth Lifelike shape and dimensions Phthalate free rubber No need for batteries For use together or alone

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