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Basix 7.5" Dong – Flesh

Price: $19.990000 | Brand: Pipedream
Shaped into a Thrillingly Life Like Penis, with a large rounded head and a straight as a die shaft, this 7.5-inch Basix Dong is perfect for discovering exhilarating enjoyment. The slight heft of this product will ensure hours of erotic fun. If you’ve been searching for a realistic dong that can give you an intensive penetrating session, then this realistic looking cock may be the perfect dildo for you! This dildo is detailed with real life-like ridges and subtle veins. The delightfully supple 7.5-inch length adds to its unbelievable performance abilities. This cock is perfectly proportioned, and is nice and thick, giving great penetration. The dildo is a near perfect replica of a big juicy cock, capturing every ridge, vein and curve in sensational detail. This Astonishingly Plush Dildo Flexes and Bends just when you need it to, fitting perfectly to individual contours while being totally fulfilling, from the bulbous tip to the base. This dong allows the user to utilise a fantastic grip for precise maneuvering thus making this a great dildo for safe deep, hassle free penetration. Made from a Skin Safe Phthalate and Latex Free Rubber material in the USA, this product cleans easily and thoroughly by using warm soapy water. Always remember to give it a good spray using a specifically designed toy cleansing formulation to keep it germ and bacteria free. This phenomenal dildo is compatible with water-based lubricants.When you wrap your hand around the amazingly thick shaft you will immediately feel the wonderful softness and orgasmic flexibility of the life like rubber. The fuller head is designed for more intense penetration, and the life like vein detailing gives your vagina a tantalizing sensation as you slide up and down. Classic penis shape with thicker head for a more intense experience Realistic with textured detailing Flexible and bends to your body USA made rubber – easy to clean Hypoallergenic, Phthalate free and Latex Free

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