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Bathmate – Hydro Rocket Douche

Price: $53.990000 | Brand: Bathmate
When it comes to any kind of anal play it’s always good practice to make your ass nice and clean and using the Bathmate – Hydro Rocket Douche you will be ready in no time.   Rocket Douche by Bathmate is an easy to use hygienic douche that is designed to be used in the shower. The nozzle is detachable and the base is flat bottomed for ease of use and cleaning. The easy squeeze bulb can be filled with water up to 325ml and has a non return valve so that the water won’t return into the bulb making it super hygienically practical. Simply fill the bulb with water put the nozzle on and it’s ready to go. Bathmate Hydro Rocket Douche is the anal cleaner for men from the well known producers of the Bathmate penis pumps. Rocket Douche    

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