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Bathmate Hydromax9 (X40) Premium Penis Pump

Price: $224.99 | Brand: Bathmate

Boost your confidence with one of the world’s best performing penis pumps, using water to deliver real results.

Ideal for users with a current erection length between seven and nine inches, Bathmate’s Hydromax9 (formerly Hydromax X40) has a simple-to-use design for increasing penis size and getting you harder for longer.

The unique, body-safe hydropump design has a comfortable yet powerful bellows system and a latch valve making it easy to attach when in the shower.

Simply fill the pump with warm water and seal to your body for a five-minute session. Release the pressure and repeat twice for a total use of 15 minutes.

Track your incredible results using the measurement guide conveniently included on the outside of the chamber. 

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