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Bathmate Shower Strap – Black (One Size)

Price: $29.950000 | Brand: Bathmate
The Bathmate Shower Strap is designed for you to take your Hydropump into the shower, hook it up and basically pump away. With the water from the shower running down your body and on and around your pump, you are getting the suction and benefits of the Hydropump but at a time that you are alone and you shower a couple of times a day providing you with more time to be able to use the pump and achieve the desired result. And it is hands free. Also after your nice long, hot shower you will walk out to your lover either in the lounge room or in the bedroom or wherever they are stark naked but with a rock hard penis that is needing attention as it would be standing at attention. This would be a welcoming surprise to your partner if they come home and find that you are more than ready and eager to take them in your arms and strip them naked and have hot and heavy sex. You can still use lube when using your pump in the shower.  We suggest using water based lube as some other lubes can affect the rubber of the pump and may cause damage to it.So you have one of the Bathmate Hydropumps and you have been using it and getting results which is fantastic. But you want to use it a little more but time can get in the way. So why not use it in the shower with a Shower Strap?

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