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Berman Astrea I – Remote Controlled Vibrating Panties

Price: $89.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
If you have been wanting that hot pair of knickers that can deliver a little more than just covering up your koochie you have just found them. Berman Astrea Remote Controlled Vibrating Underwear is the hottest little lace number you could own. The Sexy, Yet Comfortable Stretch Lace Brief have a Secret Little Pocket that conceals a mini-remote controlled vibrator strategically placed to arouse your clitoris like never before. So discreet no one will ever know or see that you are wearing the ultimate pair of knickers! The only thing that may give you away is yourself and your moans of pleasure. Perfectly Contoured for Comfort it will feel like wearing any other pair of knickers until someone activates the remote and throws you into heaven! If you have always had a desire to reach orgasm in a public place you can wear these in a restaurant, on the bus, in the park, at the mall, Berman Astrea Remote Controlled Vibrating Underwear will take you to the edge of the earth whatever your choice of public arousal! The Remote Controller will spice up your love life and add that dash of fun and excitement that many of us need! Your partner will control every inch of your pleasure down to how to tease your pleasuring by turning it on and off when your partners feels fit. All the power of this single speed vibrator will be in their hands and with an impressive four meter range they can tease you where ever and whenever they want. The Vibrator is Compact and Easily Removable from its secret little pocket to allow for easy washing. One size fits most and the brief is made from 80% Nylon with 20% Spandex creating a comfort you’ll be pleased to wear. The discreet vibrator is made from ABS and is body safe. Requiring 2 X AAA Batteries and 1 X 23A Battery your knickers will arrive with the batteries included ready to thrill you but be sure to keep stock on hand and add some extra batteries to your order to ensure you’ll always have a party in your panties!Always wanted a party in your pants – now you can have one with Berman Astrea Remote Controlled Vibrating Underwear! If getting off in public is your thing then get you and your girlfriends a pair of Berman Astrea Remote Controlled Vibrating Underwear and let the fun begin. If you are one to vocalise your pleasure with some volume, I hope you have a good story to answer all the questions you will be getting. Discreet vibrating briefs made of stretch lace Remote control with a four metre range Hands free and washable 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex, ABS for the stimulator 2 X AAA Batteries and 1 X 23A battery included

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