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Blue Line – Acrylic See-Thru Chastity Cage

Price: $99.990000 | Brand:
If your lover wants you to be a good boy they need to put the Acrylic See-Thru Chastity Cage on you before you go anywhere.  Chastity Cage is designed to keep you from achieving a full hard-on, or slippy him into somewhere or someone he shouldn’t be. Wear anytime and anywhere and with the pee hole you have no need to take it off until its time to.  Acrylic See-Thru brings out the voyeuristic nature that most of us have but only a few admit.  Padlock, Keys and Attachments padlock for obvious reasons and the attachments to make for the perfect fit. Acrylic See-Thru Chastity Cage is one for the true voyeuristic naughty bad boy. Chastity Cage Acrylic See-Thru Padlock, Keys and Attachments

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