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Body Wand 5 Function Mini Wand Massager (Pink)

Price: $39.990000 | Brand: Body Wand
The Body Wand has become one of the most known body massagers available. The bodywand range have something for everyone, from the rechargeable to the 240v and they also have smaller versions available also in rechargeable or battery operated. So there is no surprise they have this gorgeous little 5 function mini wand in the sweetest of colours of pastel pink and purple. This body wand may be small but it sure is affective with 5 amazing functions all in the control of one hand and a finger. The control is a button at the bottom of the body wand and you simply just press and feel the vibrations come through the body of the massager. If you want more power just press that magic button and the vibrations increase with each touch of the button. Start of slow and feel that arousal start to stimulate you, then as you feel the pleasure you increase the level until it takes you to the stress free, relaxed and stimulated stage you want and need. The soft flexible neck can move around to find that perfect position for the “massage” you want. You can use it on all parts of your body but it is best used when using on your most intimate of areas. The body wand 5 function mini wand is also waterproof so you can take it in the shower or when you are relaxing in a nice bubble bath and need that extra bit of relaxation and satisfaction.The body wand 5 function mini wand is not only pretty in pink and purple but will please and satisfy you. Small enough to take away on a weekend away or to keep in your handbag for when the need arises. Five wonderful vibration and pulsation pleasure modes to stimulate you.

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