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Body Wand Aqua Mini – USB Rechargeable Multi Function Massager

Price: $79.990000 | Brand: Body Wand
This little massager has great power with the compact size that we can require sometimes. Mini Massagers are perfect to take away on holidays or simply have in your hand bag for when you need it. You can massage any aches and pains away from any part of your body and also sooth your body from a long day of stresses. You can also use it to please your body by stimulating all your erogenous areas. It may leave you a little weak but will also give you pleasure. USB Rechargeable as who wants to always have to purchase batteries all the time?! And they can be quite expensive as well. Not to mention the fact that they aren’t good for our beautiful environment. Multiple Functions so that it can be used however you wish from the tired muscles to the much need orgasm that you may be yearning. Waterproof so why not take it in the bath or shower with you to add to the fun. It is compact enough no-body will know what you have with you when you are relaxing in the tub. Remember to always clean your Bodywand after each use to make sure it is hygienic and ready for use any time you are. Store in a cool and dry area or put it in your toy draw or a toy bag.  You may have seen the Bodywand in the larger sizes but now they also come in smaller compact size. Mini Massager USB Rechargeable Multiple Functions Waterproof

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