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Body Wand Rechargeable Massager Attachment – G-Spot

Price: $46.990000 | Brand: Body Wand
Finally, attachments for the Rechargeable and the Midnight! Part of the new range for the BodyWand Rechargeable and the BodyWand Midnight, this G-Spot massager adds a little extra rumble and rock to your already amazing Body Wand massagers. This attachment upgrades your Body Wand from a magic massager to a delightful vibe, use both the wand and this cheeky accessory to create a sexy session that’s all about you and your pleasure. The insertable G-spot stimulator shaft is smooth and silky to the touch but still firm enough to create amazing sensations when inserted. The insertable length of this attachment is approximately 10cm long and is solid without being hard and uncomfortable. The shaft itself is about 3cm in width, which is large enough to feel great sexual fullness without detracting from this attachment’s main mission. That mission? Make your orgasms incredible! The head of the G-spot stimulator is slightly wider and has a flattened end, rather than a point, so as to massage and stimulate a wider area – teasing and pleasuring more sensitive nerves so that you receive maximum pleasure. This stimulator attachment has a soft and luxurious touch. As part of the high quality Body Wand range, this accessory is made from lush Velvet Touch silicone. To rev up the fun, use the Body Wand and this G-spot accessory with your favourite silicone safe lubricant. We recommend using some water based lube, which works wonderfully but is also a breeze to clean up from most surfaces. Try a tingling or cooling lube for something different! The 100% silicone piece is ideal for those with sensitive skin, those looking to avoid cheaper plastic materials that decay over time, and those who want only the most hygienic of items. This silicone material is phthalate free and also resistant to absorbing any fluids, liquids or lubes that it may come into contact with. This ensures that the attachment will last you a long time, and that no nasty build ups of bacteria or germs occur because of the material itself. Like all toys though, you still need to clean it! But that’s simple, as all you need to do is wash the attachment in some warm soapy water or with a specialized toy cleaner. Let the G-spot attachment air dry, and then pop it back on your Body Wand Recharegeable or Body Wand Midnight to continue the fun. Store this attachment in a dust free, cool place. You can even keep it with, or on, your Body Wand so that it is all set to whip out when the notion strikes you. The total length of the attachment unit is 15cm, making it easy to store in toiletry cases or small satchels discreetly.  *Please note: This is an attachment for the black Rechargeable Bodywand and will not fit the blue version with a powercord.A new attachment that turns your favourite Body Wand Rechargeable to an amazing G-Spot massage wand and vibe! This pretty purple piece is great for achieving reliable orgasms and feeling some delightful sensations. *Please note: This is an attachment for the black Rechargeable Bodywand and will not fit the blue version with a powercord.

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