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Body Wand – Rechargeable Massager (Black)

Price: $129.990000 | Brand: Body Wand
The BodyWand Rechargeable is a favourite in Femplay’s direct clitoral vibrator range. With close similarities to the Hitachi Magic Wand, the BodyWand Rechargeable Massager has additional sequences and modes making it a stand out toy in the market. It is simple to adjust during usage by manipulating the dial to either increase or decrease the powerful vibrations. It also has a pulsating sequencing mode so that you can easily choose your favourite setting before and during play. It is also simple to charge by plugging in the AC adaptor. The Li-Ion battery allows for 1 hour of continuous play, however if you do run out of battery at a crucial point, you can plug it in and use it at the same time. However it recharges very quickly given its powerful vibrations and can be fully recharged in one hour for use. It also has a LED indicator to show its charging status. If you love your Body Wand Rechargeable and are looking to increase its capabilities, you can purchase additional attachments to give your toy that little bit more! We love this product so much, there is a one year manufacturer’s warranty too.If you’re a fan of the Body Wand Original but would like to have a more mobile Body Wand device, then the Body Wand Rechargeable is your ideal toy. With the super powerful vibration that the Body Wand is renowned for, the 1-hour of continuous usage will have you coming back for more. If you do need more time with your new best friend or you do run out of battery, you can continue to use it by plugging the charger into the device. No need to wait! As a rechargeable and wireless device, where you use it is only limited by your imagination – however as this toy docks into a 240v charger, remember that this toy is not waterproof!

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