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Boundless – Backless Brief (2XL/3XL)

Price: $39.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
When it comes to strap-on harnesses you can find a far few that are good but are the Boundless good. The design of the Boundless – Backless Brief is so comfortable for anyone to wear.  Backless Brief Harness is designed as a pair of backless attractive briefs. They are form fitting, so wearing them under your clothes is possible so that you’re ready to go at any time. They are soft and stretchy and very comfortable with high quality stitching and a reinforced O-Ring for any dong that you want to pop into it. The Boundless Dongs are fantastic but you can also use any of your other dongs.  3 Sizes in small/medium – large/XL – 2XL/3XL. Boundless – Backless Brief is the perfect addition for any of the Boundless Dongs, but not limited to as you can fit most probes/dildos suitable for strap ons.  Available in 3 sizes, one to fit everyone.  Backless Brief Harness 3 Sizes

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