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Brent Corrigan Quickshot

Price: $49.05 AUD | Brand:
The Brent Corrigan Quickshot features unobstructed exit points molded from Brent’s own mouth and butt. The Brent Corrigan Quickshot can be used as supplementary stimulation during couple’s oral play or for masturbation. (.)(.) PLAY MORE. CLEAN LESS. With the clear and compact Brent Corrigan Quickshot™ by Fleshlight®, you’ll be able to watch every satisfying moment of self-pleasure. Equipped with both Brent’s mouth and butt, the Quickshot gives you two ways to enjoy your time with this hunk. Or invite a partner over for some three-way oral action with Brent. With so many ways to enjoy Brent Corrigan, you may never leave the house again! (.)(.) What’s Included Here’s what you’ll receive in your Brent Corrigan Quickshot package Open ended patented clear SuperSkin™ Sleeve Compact Clear case Brent Corrigan’s Mini Butt Orifice Brent Corrigan’s Mini Mouth Orifice Compact Bliss Texture Sleeve Caps on each end for convenient storage DISCLAIMER: While most of our male customers can enjoy the Quickshot line of products, there are some individuals whose endowment may prevent them from doing so comfortably. A customer whose penis at any area is girthier than approximately 5.5” or 14 cm may find the Quickshot too tight or restrictive. Customers should use their best judgement to determine if this Fleshlight toy would be the right size for them – if not, there is a wide variety of full-size Fleshlight toys to choose from! Please note that opened/used toys may NOT be returned for refunds. Men with larger girth penises may still be able to use the Quickshot sleeve without its casing, but that is left to the individual user’s discretion.

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