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Camelion Super Heavy Duty C Size Batteries (2 Pack)

Price: $2.000000 | Brand: Camelion Batteries
When you need a long hard session, these Camelion Super Heavy Duty batteries are your go to battery of choice for those play sessions! Long Lasting and Stable – just when you need it, these batteries will give you the power for your devices at the right time, every time. These batteries feature the performance power you need for your high-powered devices and are simple to use. With their unique material, it ensures stability and service life. These batteries provide economical power for a variety of uses so you can also use them for any battery-powered devices in and around the home – so having a stock of these is always a great idea! Need a few or needing a lot? These high powered batteries are available in a convenient pack of 2 for C sizing. For those that have extensively sized collections or suitable for the sole toy owner who gives their toy a good workout – grab your batteries here! Save those sideways glances at your local store and have us send them to you direct!These batteries will be a sure fire hit for all you toy needs. Giving the power – just when you want and need it, buy these batteries in bulk pack so you’re not left hanging when you need them most. Long Lasting with stability Pack of 2 for C sized batteries Need stocks? Buy online here!

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