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Candy Land Juicer by Glas

Price: $27.990000 | Brand: Glas Toys
On first look of the Candy Land Glas Dildo you have to really think about what it’s going to do to you and how are you going to enjoy yourself with it. This is of course, one of the most important things when it comes to sex toys, so let’s get stuck into it.    Candy Land Glas Dildo is definetly an odd shape with an extra little bit, but will get to this in a second, First we will descibe the dildo itself, it’s 12cm in length and 3cm in width which is a decent size. The glass is textured all over the shaft with bubbles of joy and there is a tapered tip so that it’s easy to insert. With glass you can use any kind of lubricant you want which is a bonus if you have a particular brand or style that you like.   Juicer this is the added fun bit the little extra bit of glass at the bottom of the Candy Land Juicer. With this part what you do is once you have inserted the Glas you have the Juicer handle that either you or your partner can twirl around for that extra special fun, but make sure you do have some lube in for the most enjoyment you can receive.    Handmade with love and pleasure in mind.    Waterproof which makes it easy to clean and awesome to play with anywhere.    Fracture resistant which is a bonus and you can always heat it up a bit with warm water or cool it down in the fridge for a whole new feeling.   Candy Land Juicer by Glas is something a little different, well a bit more than little. Let’s just say let the juices flow… Candy Land Glas Dildo Juicer Handmade  Waterproof  Fracture resistant

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