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Cheap Thrills Pureskin Ass – The French Maid

Price: $17.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
A good little hand-help pussy to get your rocks off with the Cheap Thrills – The French Maid. Ass Masturbation Sleeve with Textured Chamber in your chambers is where she will be. This naughty French Maid has to take her feather duster and swish it around and sometimes she has to bend over, showing her little panties that she has on and her nice tight ass. The masturbation sleeve is a hand-held sized sleeve which has the look of a naughty French Maids ass hole ready to be filled by you. Pureskin Material is flexible and feels good against your cock. Fill up the textured ass and you can provide whatever kind of grip you are in the mood for. We recommend using a good water based lube when using any masturbation sleeve for the most enjoyable results. You can use a little or a lot, depends on your mood and how slippery you want to go. Always clean your toys after use with toy cleaner and water and once dry store in a clean, dust free environment.Cheap Thrills – The French Maid is a life-like hand held masturbation sleeve. Ass Masturbation Sleeve with Textured Chamber Pureskin Material

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