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Climax Gems Pink Diamond

Price: $37.990000 | Brand: Topco Sex Toys USA
This Vibrator is Small in Length and Girth.  Great for first time toy users or for the travelling woman who just can’t do with a vibe, being 20cm in total length of which 9.5cm is insertable and only 2.5cm in width, this Climax Gem is unthreatening and easy to travel with.  But don’t be fooled by its small stature because it gives out mighty vibrations.  It is Multi-Speed to Suit Multi Moods and Quiet.  The vibrations are placed at the tip of the shaft to feel the complete effect.  The best thing about a purse sized travel companion is that it is quiet.  Join the mile high club without announcing it to the whole flight cabin.  Use it while your roommate is in the room next door or when the kids are asleep in the next room.  We assure you no-one will it.  But we can’t say the same for the moans of delight that will escape during its usage.  Discreet in its appearance and noise level, you’ll never have a reason to be left sexually frustrated no matter where you are.  There is no excuse on where or when you can use this little gem. Take It Everywhere.  And we mean everywhere.  No place is barred as this vibe can be not only on your travels but in the tub or shower.  On land or in water.  There is no limits to where you can enjoy pleasure and stimulation any time and anywhere you want it. Free from Phthalates and Latex, they are even more reasons to love this Pink Diamond of a Gem.  Body safe materials give you the peace of mind that you can enjoy time and time again without worrying about long term health risks or sensitivities.  So what’s the catch?  None …. except that you better hurry up and put it in your cart, as we run out of them more often than we can get supplies.Perfect little purse sized vibrator with no complicated functions.  For good vibrations on the go, this pink diamond is the pick of the bunch.   Tiny vibe with quiet multi-speed vibrations Waterproof Phthalate and latex free 

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