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Collage – Cupcakes and Unicorns Silicone Dong

Price: $74.990000 | Brand: Icon Brands
Tired on the same look dildo’s and want something different, or you a little crazy like me! You’re going to love the colourful and fun Collage – Cupcakes and Unicorns Silicone Dong.   Cupcakes and Unicorns plus a whole lot more is on this sweet dildo. Add a few rainbows, splash a couple of strawberries, make sure you have a couple of kitties and place a cute little popcorn. This makes for one very unique looking and fun dildo.   Quality Silicone Dildo has a pleasant size of 16cm insertable length and with the curvy design the width varies from 2.5cm to 3cm sliding it’s way through. Using water based lubes makes for a smooth and comfortable slide as well.   Suction Base lets you stick it to any clean and dry surface for hands free ride on fun and is also suitable to use with a universal strap-on. Collage – Cupcakes and Unicorns Silicone Dong brings the fun with the cool tattooed style which is quite unique. Cupcakes and Unicorns Quality Silicone Dildo Suction Base    

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