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Colt Anal Douche

Price: $34.990000 | Brand: Seven Creations Sex Toys
Being totally clean and feeling absolutely comfortable is the best way to enjoy anal play. The unique and exemplary design ensures that you will always achieve a deep anal cleansing with total comfort. Being clean allows you to feel self-assured that when you engage in anal play all you have to focus on is having FUN! This astounding anal cleaning device is very comfortable to use, made from premium quality rubber and strong ABS plastic, it will have you feeling spotless and ready for amazing anal play in no time at all. Both of the Tips and Nozzles on this douche spray water in a precise manor that will effectively cleanse your anal passage. The nozzle with the lovely ribbed look will also give you a gentle internal massage as it cleans. Placing a small amount of a good quality water-based anal lube on the nozzle will give you a smooth insertion. This innovative and comfortable product will have you douching with effective ease in no time. The delicate slim line nozzle is perfect for those new to anal cleansing and the beaded nozzle is perfect for those who are after anal stimulation as they clean. This Highly Effective Anal Douche is Easy to Use. It has a pliable, easy to squeeze bulb, making it an absolute essential product for those who are keen to explore the joys of anal toys and anal sex. It is important to douche about 45 minutes before anal sex to ensure a spotless and pleasurable experience. The easy to operate squeezable water bulb and attachment system is totally comfortable to use, and completely safe for beginners. Just add some of your favourite wearer based lube around your rectum and onto the insertion nozzle, fill the squeezable bulb with warm water and insert while in the shower. This will ensure you are able to clean yourself after you flush out your anal passage. The scientifically designed medical-style squeeze bulb is exceptionally flexible and easy to use even when wet.It’s so simple to keep your anal play completely clean with this anal douche system. The cleansing system has been created to give you immense pleasure when using and is a simplistic design which anal cleansing has never been easier. This item comes with a gorgeously ribbed attachment for exquisite sensations. It’s made from premium latex and rubber materials that make the douche extremely durable and very easy to clean. The nozzle of this fantastic douche is very thin and is 8cm long, and can be lengthened with the added attachment, which is 10cm long and has been designed to look and feel like smooth anal beads. The squeeze bulb is very easy to use. You just simply squeeze to fill with warm water. Apart from style and quality this system has been developed so if feels wonderful to use and is one of the easiest douches to clean thoroughly. Easy-to-use cleaning system designed for comfort and simplicity Dual tips for versatile use Easy squeeze bulb

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