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Colt – Master Cleanser Douche

Price: $26.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
Clean your behind with Colt – Master Cleanser Douche, a stylish syringe design that simply fills with your favourite liquid and freshens you up for all your anal play. Be reassured that your anal passage is fresh and empty of suprises with a  simple fill and rinse system thats body safe and hygienically superior.  Flexible Tip allows you to control the spray, its slim design is comfortable cleanse of your tush. Universal Measurements means you know exactly how much you are rinsing, the canister holds up to 100ml of fluid Easy Pull Handle and syringe design is a cleanser that sits proud in your bedroom. Colt – Master Cleanser Douche is a soft tipped, hygienic cleaning system that makes your pre anal cleanse a breeze. Designed in a hygenic syringe styled canister, the easy pull handle and gradations allow for a controlled cleanse.  Flexible Tip Universal Measurements Easy Pull Handle

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