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COLT Slammer

Price: $23.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
Adding a penis extender to your play time can be quite stimulating and the COLT Slammer is designed to fit comfortably. Penis Enhancer putting some plus to your cock with an enchancer providing you with a bit extra down there, both you and your partner will enjoy the extra bit. Extra Girth with the thickness of the COLT Slammer you will have some extra thickness to your penis. Scrotum Support strap yourself in for an ultra comfortable snug fit. PureSkin Rubber which is stretchy to make popping it on easy. Use water based lube for the best experience. COLT Slammer will add girth to your already hard hard-on and provide some extra support giving you both some enjoyment. Penis Enhancer Extra Girth Scrotum Support PureSkin Rubber

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