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Colt – The Guyser Anal Douche

Price: $42.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
Enjoy your anal play with the assurance that you’re clean and comfortable, the Colt – The Guyser Anal Douche has an attractively slim design which ensures easy and spotless cleaning, making you ready for the enjoyment of anal play. Soft TPR Tip for Comfort makes cleaning simple and pleasurable, the slim tip is easily inserted for a thorough clean of your anal passage. Using a small amount of water based lubricant will allow for easy insertion.  Firm yet Pliable with a  slight bulbous tip allows easy handling, with an insertion length of 15 cm the douche means you can clean your anal passage with ease in the shower.  Easy to Assemble and Clean, the tip and bulb can be detached for effortless cleaning and re assembling. With a no fuss design, it will not be long until your ready to enjoy the pleasures of anal play Easy Squeeze Bulb, makes douching a breeze. Simply add some of your favourite water based lube around your rectum and onto the insertion nozzle, fill the squeezable bulb with warm water and insert while in the shower. This will ensure you are able to clean yourself after you flush out your anal passage. The cleverly designed squeeze bulb is exceptional and easy to use even when wet. Colt – The Guyser Anal Douche makes anal cleaning simple and pleasurable with a slim line design in a classic black and red colourway. Stay clean with a stylish and durable ass cleaner with The Guyser Anal Douche, its a definite must have for all your anal play! Soft TPR Tip for Comfort Firm yet Pliable Easy to Assemble and Clean Easy Squeeze Bulb

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