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Colt – Vibro Cleanse 10-Function Vibrating Douche

Price: $82.490000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
Here is a cleaning system that is a little different than your usual douche and/or enema as it has a larger liquid holding power and a vibrating bullet with ticklers. Man Sized Douche Cleanse System has a fun and bumpy ride of 18cm internal length. You will feel each of the bumps when you slowly sliding your vibro cleanse into your bum. There is 6 graduating bumps so it’s up to you how many you want to go with. Start with just a couple and work your way up to all of them, the more the better. The Big Bulb is designed to accommodate the liquid of your choice, some of you may not have thought about using something other than water but it is a thing and it can be fun. Just make sure you take care with whatever you select that it isn’t going to harm you in any way. Always better to be safe than sorry. The bulb itself is a big one so that it can hold lots of liquid, 260ml actually and you will need a strong hand to pump it as well. Vibrator with 10 Function at the end of the cleanse just before the flared base. This is a small bullet vibe that is easy to use with a simple click of the button. The 10 functions provide a different experience against your balls, it also has little tickers to add to the sensation. Made with Silicone for a smooth finish. Colt Vibro Cleanse System – Douche and Vibrator in one for having fun whilst you clean and a whole lot more. Man Sized Douche Cleanse System The Big Bulb Vibrator with 10 Function Made with Silicone

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