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Combo Double Cockring Plug

Price: $19.990000 | Brand: Lovetoy
With the Combo Double Cockring Plug you put the ring around your cock and balls and slip the butt plug underneath and into the bum for added pleasure.   Butt Plug with a decent size of 8cm internal length and 3cm at it’s widest part. It has a tapered tip for easy insertion, just add some water based lube and your ready to go.   Double Cock Ring is designed for you to slip one ring around your cock and the other around your balls. This assists with keeping you harder for longer as well as keeping this bad boy in place for playtime.   Silicone Material which is smooth and pleasurable.   Put this all together and you get a great little combo of fun.Combo Double Cockring Plug is giving your cock a lift whilst also providing you with anal stimulation. Butt Plug Double Cock Ring Silicone Material

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