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Corruption – PBK NOVEL

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‘For these sins. All the sins of my past life, especially the sins against purity…honesty… and charity, I ask absolution and penance from you, Father…’ Steven looked at the shameless creature on the other side of the confessional, aghast. ‘You are asking me to absolve you of these crimes?’ ‘I did confess…’ purred Stephanie; luscious, naked, a lurid vision of temptation. ‘You…you are a creature of evil. Put your clothes back on and I will give you penance. I will give you penance for your foul attempt at seducing a man of God.’ The greater the degree of purity in a person the darker the taint on their soul if they succumb to temptation. And in the presence of the dominant, utterly ruthless Lady Stephanie Peabody, supported by a cast of voluptuous disciples, not a single man or woman in the holy orders is safe from temptation. As Stephanie’s coven of cruel, demanding servitors provoke the righteous with the tawdry delights of the flesh by exercising the most sinister forms of seductive manipulation, the prior, the nuns at the convent, and Stephanie’s principled stepdaughter, Laura all face threat of spiritual and bodily corruption.N/A

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