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Cosmopolitan – Luminous Rabbit (Pink)

Price: $169.990000 | Brand: Cosmopolitan
You have found a beautiful rabbit here with the Cosmopolitan Luminous Rabbit as you not only have the usual rabbit features but a twist extra. Luminous Rabbit is a delight with a decent size of 24cm in length and 3.5cm. This lovely rabbit vibe is for your internal and clitoral stimulation and it also has something extra, it has this awesome twisting bead action in the shaft to provide even more pleasure. 64 Stimulating Functions, yeap you heard that correctly 64. 10 Speeds from low to high and everything in-between. Double Motor to ensure you really receive full power and they are able to be used separtely so you get to select what power you want where. USB Rechargeable as you would expect from a high quality toy. Seductive Silicone smooth and elegant. Waterproof so you can have fun in the shower.Cosmopolitan Luminous Rabbit is pure elegance with a fun and exciting twisting bead action to really provide you with pleasure. Luminous Rabbit 64 Stimulating Functions 10 Speeds Double Motor USB Rechargeable Seductive Silicone Waterproof

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