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Cosmopolitan – Ultraviolet Vibe with Sterilising Case (Pink)

Price: $199.990000 | Brand: Cosmopolitan
When you think of clitoral stimulators and vibrators you often think about smaller vibes and toys. But the Cosmopolotian Ultraviolet Vibe is the complete opposite with size and functions.  Cosmo Ultraviole Vibe Clitoral Stimulator is a very decent size at 19.5cm in length and 3.8cm in width. Not your average clit vibe and there is good reason for it, this one has bulbous nodules all over the end for you to roll it around and play around to get everything you can out of it. It has a great thickness to please and of course you can use it internally as well.  Ultraviolet Case is awesome! Once you have cleaned your vibe you pop it into your storage case aka ultraviolet case plug it in and it will take away any nasty bacteria away. Nice and clean for the next time you’re ready to play. 7 Functions low levels and high levels including escaling levels to tease and excite you. 5 Climatic Intensities this is for when you’re ready to come and want or should I say need some real power to get you to the top.  Push Button Controls are near the hadnle with the loop so you can slip your fingers through. Now I will say at first glance it is hard to see the buttons for this vibe but once you have you won’t have any issues again. Cosmopolitan – Ultraviolet Vibe with Sterilising Case is something completely different for clitoral stimulation with lots of power and texture.  Cosmo Ultraviolet Vibe Clitoral Stimulator Ultraviolet Case – Rechargeable 7 Functions 5 Climatic Intensities Push Button Controls  

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