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Crystal Jellies 12" Big Boy – Pink

Price: $45.490000 | Brand: Doc Johnson Sex Toys
An Extra Large Dildo can heighten pleasure, which allows you to feel deeply satisfied. The narrow penis shaped head ensures you will be able to ease your way into a play session. The middle shaft is wide and will fill you with satisfaction with a length just under an impressive 30cms. This enables you to explore deep penetrative play that will take your sexual experiences to a whole new level of euphoria. The extra width and length means you have the option to discover all your internal erogenous zones, while you thrust in and out. We recommend using a suitable water-based lube for first timers considering an upgrade to larger than average toy, such as this monster! The Realistic Tip and Veined Shaft will provide you with moan-worthy stimulation and is guaranteed to spice up your night. This dildo is soft to touch and will be an added treasure to everyone’s sex kit. Sculptured and specifically designed with your utmost pleasure in mind, this dildo has a series of wonderful ripples and veins that go the entire length of the shaft and a smooth finish for maximum enjoyment. Being slightly flexible you can position this vibrant dildo in just the right places. Made from a sSientifically created Jelly-Based Material called Sil-A-Gel, this very sexy dildo contains a special anti-bacterial formula that assists in keeping your new best friend fresh, fun and hygienic. This awe-inspiring dildo is firm yet quite pliable making it very easy to bend it fit your body’s natural shape. This fabulous dildo is completely compatible with water-based lubricants. It is also compatible to use with condoms, which also helps with cleaning. As with all your favourite sex toys, you should wash it thoroughly in warm, soapy water and rinse it off to keep your toy in fantastic condition.The new and impressive Big Boy dildo lives up to it’s name. This thick and long dildo measures in at a very impressive 29.5cms of delightful length that will be sure to fulfill your deepest penetrative desires. The immensely thick shaft has been crafted to look realistic and is molded with textures, ridges and veins, creating an uneven yet smooth surface that will caress your vagina and give you a deep and satisfying experience. Thick and long for extra fulfillment Realistic shape with veins for additional stimulation Firm feeling yet somewhat flexible & 100% body safe

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