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Crystal Jellies Anal Starter 6" – Purple

Price: $16.490000 | Brand: Doc Johnson Sex Toys
If you have ever thought about giving anal play a go why not start off with something that is perfect for everyone. Jelly Anal Toy is perfect for both sexes and is easy to use as it is not too hard and not too soft. Especially when you start out, you don’t want a hard butt plug that may cause discomfort and hinder you wanting to play bum fun again in the near future. The Crystal Jellies are perfect to play with, with a nice easy to insert tip and a flared base so that no accidents can happen and it is easy to remove when required. Suction Cup Base bring in a little more fun once you get the hang of anal play. You can stick it onto any flat clean surface and ride or bang it as hard or as soft as you like. Put on a show or just enjoy yourself by yourself. 6 Inches provide you just enough for the first time, or if you are a little more experienced and just looking for something a little different.A lot of people think that anal sex is just a guy thing as that is where there P-Spot is, and they don’t always consider how pleasurable it can be for woman as we. Especially when done right! The Crystal Jellies Anal Starter 6 inch is ideal for both men and women from the beginner to the little more advanced. Jelly Anal Toy Suction Cup Base Perfect 6 Inch Size

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