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Desire Vibrating Massage Glove – Right Hand (Purple)

Price: $64.490000 | Brand: Not Specified
  If you desire an impressive body and erogenous zone massage, then this magnificent purple vibrating glove is definitely for you. Receiving erotic body and erogenous zone stimulation will complement your foreplay and intercourse fun. Sensual and erotic massage has never been this efficient or convenient! Using this superb vibrating glove helps men and women experience greater relaxation and sexual satisfaction.   This Glove has 3 Powerful Mind-Blowing Speeds. The mini vibrators are in each finger of the glove and give you over 45,000 vibrations of pure ecstasy per minute. That’s 3 breathtaking and dazzling speeds that will tease and titillate you with every touch and stroke. Designed with your total pleasure in mind it will definitely excite your clitoris and feels extraordinarily good on the testes.   This Beautifully Crafted Vibrating Massage Glove is Waterproof, which means you can play with it in a spa, pool, the shower, or wherever water play is a factor. This magnificent massage glove is made of Lycra, a bathing suit material, so your hand will get wet, however, the battery case, wiring and all five fingertip vibrators are encased in a waterproof material and will stay dry. It is important to remove the batteries when not in use and your glove will last longer if it’s kept in a dry area.  Having a shower has never been so enthralling. Invigorate your body as you feel the water cascade over your skin whilst you caress your vibrating glove over every inch of your torso. Enjoy the erotic pleasure of 3 tantalising speeds and feel the tension just melt away. Each finger has powerful vibrators in the tips creating enthralling sensations for total body stimulation. These little vibrating tips work overtime at 45,000 vibrations per minute at top speed to give you a phenomenal orgasmic arousal. Give yourself or your partner a sensually tingling body wash, but you don’t have to stop there as this amazing vibrating massage glove can also be used in the bedroom for a sensual massage for yourself or your lover. Perfect for an all over massage Powerful 3 speeds in each finger Waterproof

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