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Doxy – The World’s Most Powerful Massager (Purple)

Price: $181.990000 | Brand:
The Doxy Massager is a larger massager fit for all your stress and pleasure requirements. 240v Massager with Extra Long Cord at 3 metres you will have no issues finding a comfortable and relaxing spot whilst having the Doxy Massager plugged in ready for use. The Doxy Massager is big and solid so you really can get it into the perfect spot that you need the release in, for either pleasure or pain and even both. Rubber and ABS Plastic for strength and reliability. The massaging head is smooth and soft but with the firmness you require from a powerful massager. With flexibility so that you can adjust and roam the massager over your or your lovers body. Powerful Motor – 3000rpm to 9000rpm at a simple press of the buttons on the handle of the Doxy you have low revs to high revs to suit every body’s needs. Escalating Pulsating and Variable Speeds can assist with relieving tension and stress especially if you have any hard to get to knots in your muscles. The pulsating also is very pleasurable and can make you climax if placed in that perfect spot. As its plug-in do not place near water and always unplug when not in use. Made in the UKDoxy Massage 240V for when you want a big bad massager to really do the trick. 240v Massager with Extra Long Cord Rubber and ABS Plastic Head Powerful Motor – 3000rpm to 9000rpm Escalating Pulsating and Variable Speeds

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