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Dragonz Tale Beaded Cord Anal Beads

Price: $6.990000 | Brand: Seven Creations Sex Toys
Anal beads give an amazing sensation as you insert them, during sex and as you pull them out intensifying an orgasm. The Larger the Number of Beads the slower the graduation in size of the individual beads. The more beads the more fun. These beads are firm so you don’t loose any sensation when inserting them. The Beads Vary in Size by 1.5cm over 6 in total, so it is nothing to squirm at. The great thing about graduating sizes is you can stop at your desired size when you have reached it. Then next time you may find that you can go the next bead and then the next and so on. The Cord is a Good Length also. It is quite firm so the cord will not collapse when inserted and will continue the beads to deepen with every additional bead. Always Handy to have a Handle at the base for control over the entire session. Easy to find makes it easy to retrieve the beads at the desired time and at the pace you wish. There’s nothing worse than fumbling around trying to find something in that area. Before and After Use, be sure to clean thoroughly with some antibacterial cleaner and store in a toy bag. This will ensure the toy will stay hygienic and dust free for many hours of play. It is Recommended to Douche before using anal toys. There are plenty to choose from in the Anal Douches category.Here are some anal beads that suit all users from beginners to experienced. Graduating beads make it perfect to insert and work your way up to the biggest bead that suits you. Then pull them out for an awesome sensation. 6 firm beads Smallest bead is 9.5mm Largest bead is 2.5cm 16cm cord Handle at base for easy use

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