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Eden – Climaxer Clitoral Vibe

Price: $42.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
What a wonderful designed sex toys the Eden Climaxer is with external pleasure to the max. Eden Climaxer Vibe with Unique Designed Vibration Area is a different styled vibe for your clitoral and labia needs. The total length of the vibe is 20cm with a very comfortable handle for you to be able to pop yourself into a nice comfortable position and stay there. The vibration area of the vibe is 7cm in length and 4.5cm in width which will cover your labia area which of course includes your clitoris. The whole part of this vibes vibrates and pulsates sending wonderful shivers all through your vagina and with the extra flickers in the climaxer for your clitoral area it will tease and tantilise you till you orgasm. Suave Silicone and ABS Metallic Material that is glamorous from top to bottom. The whole shaft is a beautiful and suave silicone which is soft and silky. The handle is a pretty shiny metallic look. 10 Gratification Levels from low and slow to high and everything in between. Pulsations and vibrations are the key to the teasing factors of the Climaxer vibe, playing and enticing you with more. Eden – Climaxer Vibe is a vibe with an indulgent difference with a unique designed vibration area for the whole labia area with protruding clitoral stimulators. Eden Climaxer Vibe with Unique Designed Vibration Area Suave Silicone and ABS Metallic Material 10 Gratification Levels

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