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Eden – Ripple Vibe

Price: $39.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
The Eden Ripple Vibe is an attractive and affordable vibrator that will provide you with deep bliss. Eden Ripple Vibe has all the design you want for internal pleasures, including a curve designed to hit that elusive honey spot the G-Spot. The entire length of the Ripple Vibe is an ideal 19cm which includes the controls and handle. The starting width is a nice filling 4cm and works its way down for your internal delight. The slightly narrow tip is designed for easy initial insertion, and you can also include a little water based lubricant to really excite your body. Seductive Silicone with added Gratification Ripples at the tapered curved tip for that extra stimulation and the silicone is a smooth and splendid material for your needs. The base and handle is ABS with a metallic plating for your visual appeal. 10 Dazzling Functions all at a simple press of a single button on the base of the Ripple Vibe. It’s a nice big round button so you won’t miss it and it’s easy to go through all the wonderful levels of vibrations and pulsations. Eden – Ripple Vibe has the perfect curve to delight your inner sensors and g-spot! Eden Ripple Vibe Seductive Silicone with added Gratification Ripples 10 Dazzling Functions

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