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Eroticgel Fitted Waterproof Massage Sheet (King)

Price: $73.490000 | Brand:
Eroticgel Fitted Waterproof Massage Sheets in black will provide you hours of fun whilst keeping your bed nice and dry.   Fitted Waterproof Massage Sheets available in sexy black will fit your bed perfectly. If you like playing with extra lube, long massages, if you’re a squirter or like water play these sheets are ideal for you.   85% Dacron 15% Spandex with TPU Lamination also helps to add that little extra sexual fun with a slippery surface.    Available in Queen and King Size pick your size and you’re in. Eroticgel Fitted Waterproof Massage Sheet perfect for any water, lube, massage play. Fitted Waterproof Massage Sheets 85% Dacron 15% Spandex with TPU Lamination Available in Queen and King Size    

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