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Falcon Ninja – Heating Oral Simulator

Price: $84.990000 | Brand: Icon Brands
Six speeds of vibration and a heating function makes the Falcon Ninja – Heating Masturbator a champion of its kind. Put your glans penis into the supple and smooth interior and feel the oral simulator at its best, you better bet that this Ninja takes no mercy!  Vibrating and Heating Functions simulate an oral experience like no other, crank up the heat or the vibrations to your own preference and reach bliss like no other.  Sleek and Stylized the black faceted exterior holds a sensual red interior, it is definitely one sexy head polisher! The interior is a smooth silicione, making the heat and vibrations really hit the head of your pleasuring.  Splash-Proof and Durable, the patented design is a real head teaser. Swirl you favourite water based lube over the head of your penis for easy insertion. The oral simulator  is phthalate-free. non-allergenic, and body safe. Clean up couldn’t be easier, simply wash with our sex toy cleaner or some warm soapy water and let dry before storing.Bring the heat with Falcon Ninja – Heating Masturbator with supple silicone interior, it has all the movement and feel of the real thing. Sheathed in a black faceted case its warming and vibrating technology is waited for your member. Vibrating and Heating Functions Sleek and Stylized  Splash-Proof and Durable

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