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Fantasy for Her – Crotchless Panty Thrill-Her

Price: $59.990000 | Brand: Pipedream
Feel naughty and playful at the same time with the enchanting Fantasy for Her Crotchless Panty Thrill Her set. Crotchless Panties that are designed as one size fits most made with polyester, elastene and of course the lace pattern. For easy access and that further naughty experience and feeling the first little secret of the crotchless panties let you be ready to go whenever and wherever you are. Don’t forget the second secret, the little pocket for the bullet. Bullet Vibrator all you need to do is simply slide the bullet into the pocket of the crotchless panties. Right where you want to feel those wonderful vibrations. Clitoral stimulation at its naughtiness, you have to be grinning right now just thinking about it. I know I am! Wireless Remote Control lets you or your lover be in control of the vibrations and with so many to select from you’re in for an enjoyable ride. You can be out and about, on a date or Netflix and chill and you both can play with the controls. 20 Multiple Functions with escalating, vibrating and of course patterned levels you both will find many that you will enjoy. Fantasy for Her – Crotchless Panty Thrill Her are a delicate lace panty that has a couple of secrets. The first secret is they are crotchless and the second…there is a little bullet pocket for vibrating pleasure. Crotchless Panties Bullet Vibrator Wireless Remote Control 20 Multiple Functions

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