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Fantasy For Her – Her Ultimate Pleasure

Price: $179.990000 | Brand: Pipedream
Wow! The Fantasy for Her – Her Ultimate Pleasure has so many bells and whistles you have it all in one.   Licking Sensations as so many of us ladies love to be licked, especially when a lot of us can only climax via clitoral stimulation.   Suction Sensations to increase your lips and clit pumping them up to expose all the nerves for orgasmic pleasure.   4 Wonderful & Powerful Motors to ensure you receive the complete power that you deserve.   7 Tongue Features from low to high and a lot in-between will have you in total pleasure.   10 Vibration Settings with pulsations, escalations and vibrations all at the tip of your hand with the easy to use controls.  2 Suction Attachments so that you can target the area you want the most and also it’s suitable for any shape and size lady as we are all a little different.   G-Spot Stimulation the handle is also a vibe with power for your g-spot enjoyment. It’s 20cm in total length so easy to hold and play with.  USB Rechargeable to make sure you get all the power that a battery operated toy which wouldn’t provide as much power and the annoying issue of having to buy batteries all the time.   I couldn’t wait to play with this one and I know you’re going to love it just as much. Fantasy for Her – Her Ultimate Pleasure will have you squealing with desire with each and every lick and pump   Licking Sensations Suction Sensations 4 Wonderful & Powerful Motors 7 Tongue Features   10 Vibration Settings  2 Suction Attachments  G-Spot Stimulation USB Rechargeable

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